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So… as I get underway with work at the office and continue work on the Songbird Extensions I’m porting from Firefox, I’ve come to the a new fork in the road: now that I’ve switched back to using my 12″ Powerbook as my main development machine, what workflow should I adapt?

Before my HP Pavillion dv2120us died on me, I pretty much relied on Notepad++. Dreamweaver CS3 was too buggy, Aptana was cool but a little buggy, and Notepad++ just shot its way into my heart.

On the mac now… I have numerous choices. I’ve demoed Coda, BBEdit/TextWrangler, and Aptana (which is a lot better, but heavy on resources). TextMate and Smultron has both served me well, and I am considering going full on with Smultron, but I would like to give Aptana another chance. I haven’t really delved into it save for installing the PHP plugin and setting up a default project.

I wonder what else is out there… I want to try everything before I settle on something, so this way once I feel it works, I can just stick with it. Any suggestions?

Smultron is probably going to be the default until I try new suggestions, Aptana seems really solid but is a bit too heavy on the resources running on Java.

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