I'm headed to the Rockies... Virtually, that is

Photo by alexandra avelar on Unsplash

I recent begun teaching my 4th full cohort of Full Stack Web Development, this time at the University of Denver’s Coding Bootcamp.

I was and still am excited to get back into the classroom. Especially now that I’m working full-time on building the best learning platform delivered online, I get to get back into the practice of really understanding my future learning user base.

I’ll be taking nearly 30 students, once again, on a ride of Javascript, HTML5, CSS, NodeJS, MySQL, MongoDB and more over the next 6 or so months.

As someone who "broke" into engineering with a very non-traditional background, being an instructor gives me a very tangible way to not only help others transition into the practice of being software engineers, but to also mentor them on the sometimes unique challenges that come with getting out there in the market post-graducation.

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