"Pull Up & Code" - Programming on Livestream!

Image depicting an offline channel on screen with a shot of a streaming desk setup

After a few years of teaching web development bootcamps, both online and in-person, I've started to branch out and do live code projects and walkthroughs on Twitch!

After about 5-6 weeks of streaming somewhat consistently, I've gotten a big boost out of the energy of rocking with other folks who come by the stream. It's also made me much more of a lurker and spectator, being a part of other streams and really getting to see the diversity in code streaming content out there.

Livestreaming is also challenging, as fun as it is for me. Now, my stream has a deliberate slant on code and my engineering life. No daily vlogs from me - that's not my lane and I'm honoring that. However, it's fun figuring out the authentic connection to those who stop by the stream and really to keep that dose of humility that comes publicly showing your code imperfections (aka: I've had mad bugs and problem stumping moments on stream =)).

Hopefully, the content and community we build on stream cane help those who are earlier in their careers, especially as "non-traditional" path takers and career switchers, learn about (and share!) different topics and ways of growing.

Swing through and tell me what you think of the stream!

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