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On Friday, I said farewell to the internal team at Trilogy Education Services. As of today, I’m the Engineering Manager of Risk and Fraud for the Consumer group over at Coinbase.

It was a little bittersweet to leave this team: I’ve led all sorts of initiatives while being a Senior Manager on the Web team at Trilogy:

  • Lead development of the new version of our student- and instructor-facing class UI
  • Helped to design and develop the path forward for the new platform and API
  • Developed and implemented our code management and release strategy
  • Designed and drafted our first pass at a new Apprenticeship program

However, I’ll continue teaching the program the pilot of the online version of our Coding Bootcamp at UC Berkeley Extension. I still very much believe in the promise and the mission of accelerating the workforce and through teaching, it helps me to achieve my goals in doing my part to make software development careers more accessible to the underrepresented and those with “unlinear” paths to the tech industry.

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