and... I've Returned

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Today marks my first day back at Trilogy Education Services. And… it was like a “welcome home”, of sorts. I enjoyed my time at Coinbase, and worked alongside a ton of brilliant people who definitely gave me my “crash course MBA in crypto”, but I got an opportunity to come back to a role I just couldn’t refuse: help shape the future of Trilogy’s Online Education platform and product.

And so, I come back to a tech team that’s grown considerably since I’ve left, and I come back with a very important role as the Director of Engineering for this group: move us to the next phase, and fast, with quality and world-class student experience at the forefront.

As a still part-time instructor for UC Berkeley Extension, I couldn’t be more excited to take a program that, in a previous form I piloted, and move into its new model of asynchronous learning.

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