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Well, we're 5 weeks into 2013 and I finally get around to posting on the blog again. Let's recap where we left off at on 2012 Goals:

  1. Learn a new (programming) language
    Well, I learned one, and relearned one. I learned Python and, more importantly, I learned how to write Python in a "pythonic" manner on large-scale, production systems. Learned about Pytest, virtualenvs, packaging, pip, CherryPy and a little bit of Twisted. Feeling pretty good about it.I also re-learned Java (as I mentioned in the previous post). Dropwizard is pretty damn cool. Mockito makes sense. Pom's don't scare me anymore. I've written Thrift services and clients now. Maven is my homie. So, on this one, I think I get a √+.
  2. Release 2 products into the wild
    Considering this goal was based on personal development and not work-related, I get an F. I didn't release a damn thing. It happens. We'll scale back this year when I set my goals after the recap. √--
  3. Take (and complete) 3 classes
    Took a Java beginner's class. Wrapped up the SaaS class. Didn't finish this iteration of 30x500, although this time is was a lot more due to the new format of the course. The content is still as excellent as before but the format with which the class is led isn't conducive to productive learning, in my personal experience. 2/3. Close but no cigar, kid. √-
  4. Even better fitness challenges/successes
    Raced in 3 half-marathons. Ran the most difficult race of my life in 2012's Super Spartan at Mountain Creek. Participated in a duathlon. A few 5Ks. A couple of 10Ks. All in all, I think I completed 18 events (will check to be sure). √++
  5. Take time to smell the roses
    Well, on this one, I was 50/50. I did take a full vacation with the lady, which was nice. I need to do it more often. I took a lot more days off but I didn't rest enough. I competed in too many events, compounded injuries and was forced to rest at the end of the year. Let's not do that again.

    This year, we'll do this a bit better, a bit smarter, but overall, I did okay.
    Now, let's tackle 2013, shall we?
  6. Take 4 vacations in 2013
    Doesn't matter where. Only matters that I do. No work allowed at all. Every quarter would be preferable.
  7. Take one class/strengthen skills
    I need and want to functionally be a better programmer. Thus, I will take a course that I feel allows me to do so. I will also work on more hackery and work to actively strengthen my skills.
  8. Become more consistent, athletically
    Meaning, do less things, but do them more often/habitually, like running in the morning, going back to MMA and getting a routine down, cycling to work, etc.
  9. Release 1 (non-work/non-client related) product into the wild
    Self. Explanatory. Let's get it done, Jay.

Still pretty ambitious but a LOT more manageable. Let's see how 2013 goes!

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