2012 - Whoa, We're Halfway There...

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So 2012 is nearing the halfway mark (already!). Let's see how I'm tracking on my goals, shall we:

I. Learn a new language
Well, on this, I'm actually probably going to exceed my goal. I'm getting pretty comfortable with Python, having had a lot of practice with it at the job. However, here's a shocking surprise (if you know me): I'm writing and re-learning Java (and all of its friends). I know, right? I've written some stuff using frameworks like dropwizard lately. Maven is actually a pretty nifty tool - even outside of the JVM ecosystem. Seriously, I never knew.

II. Release 2 products into the wild
Well... 6 months in, no products released. Guess I have my work cut out for me.

III. Take (and complete) 3 classes
Well, did a bit of Scala before it was no longer offered. Have yet to retake 30x500, but will this year. Python class is almost complete. I will be taking the SaaS class on coursera, which starts July 13th.

IV. Even better fitness challenges/successes
Crossfit is going well - very well. I've seen a lot of improvement in my strength and overall fitness. I've also completed my first duathlon-style event, my first half marathon and my first mud run of 2012 is coming up soon. Running, I've also gone from a 12:48/mile average pace in early March to a 10:21/mile average on Monday. I also hit my fastest mile of the year at 9:21. Even crazier: that first mile was all conversational. Meaning, I held a full conversation for much of that first mile (and part of the 2nd) with it being a little challenging but very doable. Talk about improvement. My previous fastest mile of 2012 was 10:55, posted on April 18th. I have a very ambitious year planned. Here's what I'm registered for:

6/24 Governor's Island 10K

July: Rugged Maniac 5K

August: Wildwood Half Marathon

September: Spartan Super, Newport Half Marathon, Central Park duathlon

October: Tough Mudder

November: Philadelphia Half Marathon

V. Take time to smell the roses
Let's see: I'm going to Poughkeepsie to see my niece graduate and congratulate my oldest great-nephew graduating from Kindergarten. I'm going on vacation in early July! My first vacation in FOREVER. I'm also planning to be in the Bay in the next couple months, making arrangements for St. Croix, and still have some family to visit.

So far, I'm tracking well on my goals. Stumbled on the product release but otherwise, I'm doing very well. I've surpassed any goals I could've imagined for fitness back in January. I have a great team (BRAVEHEART!!!!) in my corner and at my side as well as the support of great family and friends. They all, in some way, challenge me to exceed my potential. I can only hope I'm just as positively influential on them.

Until next post...

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