2012 - 6 Weeks In

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6 weeks into the new year and I'm already making some good progress.

On the language front, I've almost completed the first Python course on Udemy. I'm also writing a lot more python at work. As well, I'm also taking a Scala course here that one of my colleagues is teaching. So far, so good.

On the product release front, no new news to speak... of yet. However, building has started on a long-term item I've long wanted to release with a good friend of mine.

On the class/coursework phase:

I've completed my Intro to Arduino course and successfully built phase one of my motion detection mini project.

Almost done with the Zed Shaw class

Well underway with my Scala class

Have not yet gone through and finished 30x500... yet.

As far as fitness goes, I have Johnny Mac Train-ing run coming up on February 26th on the Jersey Shore. I'm now back in spin class anywhere from 1-5x/week. I'm also back in MMA training.

Lastly, the "taking time to smell the roses" bit of my 2012 goals. January didn't pan out how I wished it to (totally due to my piss-poor planning), but here's the lineup thus far:

End of March: San Francisco (I actually reserved my flight, Andrew!)

April: UFC 145, Live in Atlanta, GA for my birthday

How's your 2012 going?

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