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New year, new possibilities.

I don’t do new year resolutions. I instead try to daily pick one thing I haven’t been able to do the day before and do that. However, this year, I will lay out a couple of goals I wish to have accomplished when it comes time to my 2013 post:

  1. Learn 1 new programming language
    Technically, I’m rolling this over from 2011, but last year was a banner year for me, technology-wise. At a former company, I learned a lot about MongoDB, learned a lot of the ins and outs using Ext.JS, almost completed a full mobile application with Sencha Touch, learned a lot more Ruby and Sinatra and produced a lot with it (even if most of it isn’t publicly available). This year, Python is my language of choice. But I want to KNOW it, not just be able to hack around and maybe create a 20-line program.So that’s my goal. Let’s Rock It!
  2. Release 2 products into the wild, personally
    Last year was my first full foray into releasing my own code into the wild. My new goal: Launch 2 products – one maybe for a lil monetary gain, one open-source. After taking the 30×500 class (and not finishing… more on that in a second), I know what and where I need to go… as well as HOW, from a respected, accomplished, successful bootstrapping launcher. This year, I execute.
  3. Take (and complete) 3 classes
    1. Complete the 30×500 class. 2011 was full of ups and downs, but I need to stop letting things get in the way of finishing classes, especially 30×500. Even still, I’ve learned so much (and so much more to learn) that I need to finish the course and do right by my investment and get it done.
    2. Python: I’m progressing through Zed Shaw’s class on udemy.com (currently wrapping up Week 1).
    3. TBD: I will find something I want to learn, find a recommended class, and learn it. Maybe it’s Scala. Maybe it’s a 7-day course on cooking poultry & fish. Maybe it’s knitting. I’ll keep you posted.
  4. Even better fitness challenges/successes
    Last year, I went from 0 to 2017 miles ridden on my Specialized Elite Sirrus bike. (From April through October). I rode in the NYC 5 Borough Tour, the NYC Century, the Branch Brook Park Cherry Blossom festival, and a lot of the weekend rides with the 5 Borough Bicycle Club. My pace went from 12.7mph average to 17.9mph. I will commit to commuting by bicycle 3 times a week from March through November this year.
    Also, with the awesome Team Braveheart, I competed in my first mud runs ever. The Rugged Maniac 5K was my first challenging run since my teens, and I did it in a little over an hour. The Spartan Beast was 8.5 miles of the hardest running I’ve ever done, and I did it in a shade over 3 hours with an injured foot. I look forward to even more runs with Team Braveheart, and even better times and fitness.
    Lastly, I am going back to my MMA training at Tiger Schulmann’s. Last year I really didn’t have the focus nor availability to continue with it but no longer – I’m going to go down there this week and start on a new schedule. Hopefully my block of classes I purchased hasn’t expired. I miss the sensei and my fellow colleagues who trained there.
  5. Take time to smell the roses
    Lastly, and most important of all, I’m going to take more time to just enjoy life. I need to get back to the Bay Area (and will do so really soon). I need to visit my family in Virginia. I need to talk to my siblings, nieces and nephews more often (and my growing tribe of grand-nieces & grand-nephews!). There’s countries I want to see, folks I haven’t had time to see in awhile, friends and other significant people I’d like to actually take time and enjoy our successes along the way. This goal, though listed number 5, is actually number 1.

This is my list for 2012. I’ve already configured a lot of these items with more granular tasks and due dates in Wunderlist. I will do a quarterly update to my checklist and make sure I am doing what I want to do and what I need to do. Most of all, I will live using the lessons of last year, and do even better this year.

All along the way, I will also do my best to chronicle it all. Here.

Happy 2012!

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