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Well, we're 5 weeks into 2013 and I finally get around to posting on the blog again. Let's recap where we left off at on 2012 Goals: Learn a new (programming) language Well, I learned one, and relearned one. I learned Python and, more importantly, I learned how to write Python in a "pythonic" manner on large-scale, production systems. Learned about Pytest, virtualenvs, packaging, pip, CherryPy and a little bit of Twisted. Feeling pretty good about it.I also re-learned »

2012: The (almost) Halfway Mark

So 2012 is nearing the halfway mark (already!). Let's see how I'm tracking on my goals, shall we: I. Learn a new language Well, on this, I'm actually probably going to exceed my goal. I'm getting pretty comfortable with Python, having had a lot of practice with it at the job. However, here's a shocking surprise (if you know me): I'm writing and re-learning Java (and all of its friends). I know, right? I've written some stuff using frameworks like »


New year, new possibilities. I don't do new year resolutions. I instead try to daily pick one thing I haven't been able to do the day before and do that. However, this year, I will lay out a couple of goals I wish to have accomplished when it comes time to my 2013 post: Learn 1 new programming language Technically, I'm rolling this over from 2011, but last year was a banner year for me, technology-wise. At a former company, »