jaysonjphillips.com launch

Well, finally I’ve gotten my site back up and running. Figured I can’t keep preaching to my students at the codingbootcamp @ UC Berkeley about the importance of having a website up and not have one up myself. Also, I think there’s a lot of things I want to do with this domain and so, I’m finally taking the time to prioritize this now. It’s another form of self care.

So yeah, welcome to the site, feel free to hit /now to see, well, what I’m up to now (hat-tip to the homie Jacky, totally got that inspo from you). I’ll throw some code experiments up on the /projects section of the site. My /resume is there for those who care. Side projects and open-source code will be highlighted here. My training and fitness stuff will make an appearance as I train for my yearly slate of races (and try not to b*tch about it, lol).

I guess that’s it for now. Thanks for reading, skimming, or even glancing and clicking that [x] button.